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Nouvoyance's mission is to improve the performance and efficiency of the visual interface between display hardware and human vision system. Traditional RGB stripe LCDs have been the de facto display standard but these will soon reach their design limits, inhibiting the design of new generation, high-performance displays–designed to visually approach reality itself and to display new levels of information on handheld screens.

It is our goal for PenTile RGBW technology to reset industry expectations with a completely new level of imaging performance and power efficiency.

Display manufacturers are accustomed to building RGB stripe displays, which date back to early color TVs, but continued reliance on this early standard is inhibiting progress. Nouvoyance is committed to enabling superior, power-efficient displays by overcoming the constraints of this outdated standard. There's a rich world of improvement and innovation that becomes possible by moving away from RGB stripe, and Nouvoyance and Samsung is leading the way with PenTile RGBW technology.


Clairvoyante was founded in July 2000 by Candice H. Brown Elliott, a 30-year display industry veteran who theorized that display performance could be significantly improved by capitalizing on aspects of the human vision system, without increasing manufacturing cost, and without disrupting current display manufacturing technologies. Her understanding of the physiology of the human eye and the sophisticated brain processing involved in human vision led her to develop PenTile® technology, a set of proprietary subpixel layouts and rendering algorithms that challenge RGB stripe.

In 2001, Clairvoyante engaged in a joint development agreement with Samsung Electronics Corporation (SEC), and publicly demonstrated the resulting prototype PenTile® displays the following year. In March of 2008, Samsung aquired the assets of Clairvoyante and facilitated the founding of Nouvoyance to continue to support and develop PenTile® technology for Samsung and Samsung's PenTile® licensees.

Nouvoyance is an independent company, able to provide confidential custom support for PenTile® technology licensees.

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PenTile Technology: A Clear Roadmap to the Future

The first handheld consumer products incorporating PenTile RGBW technology have been shipping since 2009. Initial adoption occurred in products that pushed the resolution/power envelope, particularly smartphones and digital cameras using PenTile OLED displays. The next wave is just begining in very high resolution tablets using PenTile RGBW displays. Future PenTile displays will be found in laptop PCs and UDTVs.

Nouvoyance is already developing the next generation of its display technology.

Nouvoyance is located in Cupertino, California in the heart of Silicon Valley, and in Sebastopol, California, in the heart of wine country.

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